Oddgods Productions
Stephen La Frenie has been performing and teaching physical theatre for over 40 years. His training includes Ecole Jacques Lecoq, Mime School Unlimited, Tony Montanaro and Dean Gilmour. He has developed and performed in over 30 shows including recent work with Toronto Consort, Metaphysical Theatre, Faustwork Mask Theatre, Keystone Theatre and toured across Canada, to Spain, Australia, France, Hungary, Jamaica, the U.S.
Edmonton Sun 2001 - "Pantalone (Stephen La Frenie- displaying the mastery of physical comedy that his years as a mime have left him)..."

Edmonton Sun 2012 - "...LaFrenie is a one-man ballet company using his natural grace and supple body to express a myriad of emotions without saying a word." 
photo by David Leyes
Toronto Star - "...solid evidence of mime’s power to soar beyond the cloying schtick of those insufferable, smirking, white-faced clones of Marcel Marceau...Individual scenes often seem like a kind of theatrical poetry, as a full spectrum of emotion is distilled and expressed through understated gestures with a fluidity approaching dance."