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Toronto Star - "...solid evidence of mime’s power to soar beyond the cloying schtick of those insufferable, smirking, white-faced clones of Marcel Marceau...Individual scenes often seem like a kind of theatrical poetry, as a full spectrum of emotion is distilled and expressed through understated gestures with a fluidity approaching dance." 

Now Magazine - "...LaFrenie's intense and physical performance, moving between paranoid fear and self-assurance at his own cleverness, anchored David Langloisí script..."

Edmonton Sun 2001 - "Pantalone (Stephen La Frenie- displaying the mastery of physical comedy that his years as a mime have left him)..."

Edmonton Sun 2012 - "...LaFrenie is a one-man ballet company using his natural grace and supple body to express a myriad of emotions without saying a word."


Gold Fever was chosen by NOW Magazine as one of the outstanding productions of the 2014 Toronto Fringe Theatre Festival

Keystone Theatre


Gold Fever





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