"The Mask Messenger" 

Stunning... indefinable... somewhere between the sculptural fantasies of Mummenschanz and the precision mime of Marcel Marceau.” 
The Montreal Gazette 


“Inventive, magical, never less than completely absorbing...” 
The Toronto Star 
The Mask Messenger – Performance / Stephen LaFrenie has recently acquired the Canadian performing rights to Faustwork Mask Theatre's hit show. The show is available in English, French, and Bilingual format. 

The Mask Messenger is a tour-de-force solo performance featuring nearly twenty masked characters. In this series of vignettes, body language, character development and humour are essential elements to allow audience members to laugh while learning that posture, smiles, slang and fashion are all “masks” we wear every day. The show is performed by several artists, Stephen LaFrenie, Christel Bartelse, and Laura Del Papa who performs the French/Bilingual version. Please see Teacher's Lounge for pricing details.

Featuring French version clips
English Version